Touch Screen Capabilities

lcd controller moduleVionix' capabilities include touch screens compatible with all display sizes from small character displays to the largest TFT. Our touch screen solutions are available in resistive, capacitive and SAW technologies.

Vionix also provides all peripheral components including inverters, controllers and drivers, individually or in kits.

LCD Controller Cards and Inverters

Vionix is proud to offer controller cards from high quality manufacturers that can address connectivity requirements for all applications. We cover resolutions from QVGA to QUXGA for VGA applications thru NTSC/PAL and DVI. Whether it be DVI, Video or PC we have the controller solution for all flat panel display manufacturers.

Vionix can also provide the right inverter for all your display needs with both dimming and fixed brightness, from QVGA to WUXGA, and from one backlight application to twelve.