The User Interface and Display are arguably the most important aspects of a consumer product, often transcending the actual system capabilities. The appearance of the display can be the single most distinguishing aspect of a product when a consumer makes the buying decision.

lcd displayWhen developing an embedded display system, the key questions are clearly “What kind of information (characters, text, graphics, video) will you need to display? Will color improve readability or the customer perception? What are your size and power requirements? And, of course, what are your cost requirements?”

From these questions you will be able to determine if a simple monochrome or color passive matrix display will suffice, or whether a full-color active matrix LCD or OLED display is needed.

lcd displayThe next question is usually, “can you use an off-the-shelf display, or will your application require customization?” In most cases, some degree of customization is required, although standard products provide a good starting point.

After you decide on your basic display technology, you are still faced with a variety of questions. These include color depth, color saturation, viewing angle, backlight requirements, response time, weight, and environmental issues. Again, the display experts at Vionix will guide you through the technology alternatives, helping you to find the best solution.