Case Studies -- How Vionix Can Help You

meetingYou don't need to be an expert in display technology. While most customers come to Vionix with a clear idea of their functional and technical requirements, few have the expertise to know the best display solution as technology alternatives constantly evolve. Our expert team can help you select the best technology options for your unique application and work with suppliers to get the best possible price and delivery. For example, Vionix recently helped a customer develop a pilot production design using standard components to achieve the fastest possible time to market, with a follow-on custom volume production design that reduced production cost by a whopping fifty percent.

In another recent case, Vionix helped the customer develop a two-step migration path from an existing design utilizing a conventional LCD display with EL backlight to one with a negative transmissive LCD with LED backlighting for improved graphic display and then to OLED to create a final product with reduced weight, greater battery life, wider viewing angle and a sharper image.